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With more than 40,000 graduates each year, Penn Foster is an educational institution and upskilling platform focused on helping adult learners and opportunity youth launch, accelerate and thrive in their careers. We’re creating a national movement to democratize education with a goal of upskilling one million middle-skilled workers per year. Through the power of education, we strive to create a better world, help our students achieve their academic goals and unlock their career potential. 

Students, employers and partner organizations rely on Penn Foster to provide career pathways for opportunity youth and adult learners through diverse and affordable online diploma, micro-credentials, certificate, and degree programs. Offered at high school, career school and collegiate levels, Penn Foster’s self-paced online and blended learning programs are delivered in a competency-based model wrapped by comprehensive academic, professional and personal support and coaching.

Our Partners
The key to our mission of "democratizing education" and extending our reach to underserved populations is building a robust partnership strategy. Penn Foster partners with thousands of employers, schools, employment agencies, staffing firms, government, and non-profit organizations across the country to maximize our ability to reach learners.

Penn Foster Solutions

  • High School Completion: This regionally and nationally accredited high school completion program can be delivered in either a self-paced online or blended learning environment and is customized to meet the needs of career schools & colleges, employers, and youth organizations.
  • Dropout RetrievalOur flexible, convenient online high school courses provide a new pathway for at-risk students and are designed to help your students earn their high school diploma. 
  • Credit Recovery & Summer SchoolWe offer over 100 self-paced, online high school courses to help your students earn the credits they need to stay on track for graduation or accelerate their studies. 
  • Career Readiness BootcampThis modular soft skills training solution is designed to help employees and job seekers develop the essential employability skills needed for long-term career success.
  • Career Programs & CoursesOur portfolio of 100+ individual courses, certificates, career diplomas, associate degrees, and apprenticeships focused on middle skilled occupations help organizations deliver career-focused training to their learners and employees.


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