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Online training & education to upskill retail workers, offer career pathways, and improve employee retention.

Retail Skills Online Academy

Skills Training & Credentials

Hundreds of hours of content designed to upskill your employees while improving retention. We offer training through a range of programs  for entry to supervisor roles, enabling you to tailor an upskilling academy that meets your company’s exact needs.

Learner Support & Coaching

Award-winning proactive communication and contextual learner support via email, text, and phone – as well as 1:1 coaching – addresses learner needs, helps overcome academic & motivational barriers, and encourages learner persistence.  

Reporting & ROI Analytics

We provide the tools & dashboards needed to help employers track employee progress, measure outcomes at scale, and ensure key goals are met. Our program can generate a significant ROI for retail companies.

Addressing the Retail Skills Gap

The retail industry employs 29 million Americans, but the skills gap has left retailers struggling to find career-ready employees. Furthermore, for part-time hourly employees, the turnover rate exceeds 50% leaving retail companies in a constant cycle of hiring and training. Fortunately, mapping career pathways and upskilling employees is proven to effectively help retailers attract and retain their workers.

If you’d like to learn how to map out retail career pathways at your company, read the blog today.

Retail Career Pathways
Retail Industry Fundamentals

Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential 

Designed by the NRF Foundation and delivered by Penn Foster, the Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential teaches the foundation of knowledge needed by all professionals in retail, particularly for job seekers and current entry-level workers, to succeed and advance their career.

If you’d like to learn more about this credential, email partnersolutions@pennfoster.edu.

Featured Partners
NRF Foundation

“Creating a skilled workforce ready and able to secure meaningful employment in the retail industry is more important than ever. Our new partnership with Penn Foster will give job seekers and entry-level retail associates across the country online access to our Retail Industry Fundamentals training and credential, helping them gain the skills and confidence needed to secure retail jobs.”

Ellen Davis, President

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

“As we automate the front register and so many of the services, we begin to see that there’s more of a need for the thinking person and the person who can problem solve in any retail situation.” In an effort to address this need, Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas has partnered with Penn Foster to create career pathways and train entry and mid-level retail employees in Dallas.

Laurie Larrea, President

Quantify the Value of Upskilling your Employees.

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