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Online training & education programs to upskill associates, improve retention, and fill clients' open positions

Building Critical Competencies in Middle Skilled Employees

Career Training

Over 7,000 hours of content designed to upskill associates into open positions. We offer training across a broad range in-demand skill areas, including building & construction trades, manufacturing, clerical, healthcare, foundational skills, and more!

Learner Support

Proactive communication and contextual learner support via email, text, and phone - as well as 1:1 coaching - addresses learner needs, helps overcome academic & motivational challenges, and encourages learner persistence.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide the tools & dashboards needed to help your team track associate progress, measure outcomes at scale, and ensure key goals are met. Our program, proven to meet the economic model of staffing companies, can generate a 4.5-8x ROI.

The Opportunity Within the Staffing Industry

Employers and staffing firms alike are struggling to fill in-demand positions across industries as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare, but staffing companies are uniquely positioned to address this challenge. Developing career pathways for your workforce can act as a recruitment tool, help improve retention, and upskill associates into clients’ open positions. Created with the economics of staffing firms large and small in mind, Penn Foster's online skills training programs can help your organization effectively create career pathway programs. 

Driving Results for Staffing Companies

Learn How Companies are Improving Associate Retention

Leading staffing companies are using education and training to improve associate retention and close client's skills gaps. Read more from some of our partners:

Quantify the Value of Upskilling your Associates.

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